Cambridge Tamil School


The primary objective of this initiative is to help create a lasting connection with Tamil culture and heritage through language and to teach Tamil language to children and young adults in the Cambridge region. 


Tamil lessons are conducted using teaching methods that are familiar to children growing up in the UK. An Interactive and intuitive program structured around the proven California Tamil Academy syllabus coupled with audio and visual elements ensure that the learning imparted is effective.  


The classes are delivered by qualified teachers as well as enthusiastic volunteers. The emphasis of the lessons is to ensure pupil engagement.



Class Timing: (during the term)

Sunday 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM


Cambridge City near Perne Road 

Please contact us for location details.

Term Dates


10th Sep 2023 – 17th Dec 2023

7th Jan 2024 – 24th Mar 2024

14th April 2024 – 30th Jun 2024